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Since its founding days, in 1947, FRIGORÍFICOS IMPERIAL has defined that its main mission would be to satisfy all clients.

Created with the purpose of developing and manufacturing cooling systems, during the 50’s has begun to develop cold rooms, bar counters, vertical display coolers and other equipment for the commercial refrigeration industry.


Lisbon, Campo Grande, 1960

Its rise as one of the biggest and most important companies in the sector was during the  60’s and 70’s, when it began manufacturing coolers for the dairy industry. Since then, FRIGORÍFICOS IMPERIAL entered the brewing and soft drinks market, drafting and producing dispensing equipment.


Imbued with the same ambition of its founders, the current generation leading this family business carries the initial commitment, looking to the future and placing FRIGORÍFICOS IMPERIAL  in a leading position in the portuguese market, as well as increasing its footing in foreign markets.



In 1947 FRIGORÍFICOS IMPERIAL was borned to produce, sale and repair refrigeration equipment’s, and having defined as main commitment the total customers satisfaction.


FRIGORÍFICOS IMPERIAL is led by the following values:

– Quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness in products and services, within the scope of internal processes and procedures, as a value chain available to market;

– Professionalism and flexibility that responds to client’s values and respects they’re needs and desires, enhanced by skills and positive attitude;

– Innovation, development and optimization on existing products and services, search for needs not yet identified and / or not properly better improved;

-·Compromise for integrated actions on environmental impact, developing and acting correctly with sustainably, horizontally and vertically in products, services and waste; social responsibility application in order to create suitable working conditions, training and development the internal and customer sources, and support the local community;

-·Continuous improvement of its processes;

-·Compliance with normative and regulatory requirements

Compressor 1947 model